This Web Hosting Company Is Now Well Ahead of Its Rivals

It’s official: Weebly is still the biggest web company in the world, well ahead of its main rivals GoDaddy and Wix. Even taking into account a substantial fall in traffic since May 2020 (when it reached 87m users), Weebly still leads the way in all-important organic traffic, which is considered the Holy Grail of reach for any e-commerce website.

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A Lockdown Success Story

Weebly’s success comes amid the coronavirus lockdown as increasing numbers of people looked for new opportunities online. Those suddenly finding themselves out of work or on furlough began to consider new forms of employment in the freelance sector. Freelancers, of course, require high-quality websites with payment integration.

This is where Weebly really comes into its own. The free website builder is by far its most popular feature, with the majority of its 50 million users taking advantage of this free service. The free version gives you SSL security, up to 500MB of storage and a Weebly domain name. Of course, users can choose to purchase their own domain name from sites such as

Exponential Growth

Weebly was purchased by Square for $365 million back in 2018, and from then it’s gone from strength to strength. Square is now worth an impressive $64 billion dollars, and their market value has increased fourfold since March 2020. Although this might seem counter-intuitive during the lockdown, increased online traffic and a rise in self-employed people looking for online solutions probably played a big a part.

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The acquisition of Weebly brought Square some much-needed new features, allowing them to broaden their customer base. Prior to the purchase they operated mainly in the area of online and offline payment solutions but have subsequently expanded into web design.

Weebly is popular due to its many features and the ability to easily add e-commerce to a website. The free website builder lets users select from a number of themes, which are all customisable. Much of the platform’s popularity can be attributed to the ease of its streamlined e-commerce tools, which simplify order management, shipping and payments all in one place.

With ever-greater numbers of people searching out new employment opportunities, Weebly is likely to keep growing. Its success in attracting organic searches is a large boon and will probably entice more and more businesses on to the platform.

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