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Those arrested for crimes are innocent until proven guilty, but many times courts and judges require that these individuals pay a bail amount prior to their release from jail. This amount encourages the arrested person to attend all required court appearances and complete other court-mandated programs. If bail is significant, these individuals may choose to use bail bonds services, often beginning with an internet search, such as “bail bonds near me Allentown PA.”


Bail bonds fees are typically around 10%. Every fee is set by the state, so all sureties should charge the same fee. In addition, using a surety protects your assets because you may have the offender whose bail you are securing returned to jail if you feel they are a flight risk. Finally, you won’t be waiting until the end of the court process to receive your bail money back.


Sureties understand the bond and court system, including arrest procedures, bail and how to get someone released quickly. They also have and can fill out the paperwork necessary get the offender released quickly. In addition, they may provide bonds for individuals in other jurisdictions.


Not only can you choose to have an offender put back in jail, but you can specify conditions for their release. For example, if a loved one is arrested on drug charges, you may require this individual to complete a drug treatment program.


Due to their knowledge of the system, sureties can be a resource as you proceed through the court process. They will also keep you informed about required court appearances and ways to shorten your court and bail process.

As you are searching for bail bonds services, be sure you hire the right company or person. Your surety should save you time and money, give you some control over the process and be an asset that provides you with the knowledge you need to fulfill your court obligations.

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