What is Grant of Probate?

You might be wondering what exactly is a grant of probate, but these are simple court orders that state that a deceased person has left an estate that is not being contested and there are specific things that need to be done for distribution of said estate. The person who dies must make final arrangements for who will handle the property and this includes making sure that the agent that is being appointed to handle the person’s estate does not have another party involved in the process. This could be anyone from a spouse to parents to children.

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The first step is to fill out the forms and to find out if the person has any debts or other issues that need to be taken care of before the grant is granted. There could be certain specific reasons why a person would be granted an estate. If someone is married, they could use a grant to divide up the estate and create multiple trusts that are designed to ensure that things are equally divided. In the case of a person who was divorced, they could use the grant to ensure that the debts are paid and that the other party does not get all of the assets. For help from a Solicitor Gloucester, visit https://www.deeandgriffin.co.uk/

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After this has been completed, the property is distributed according to what has been determined through the process of the will writing. The probate court then issues a final Will that officially appoints the new beneficiary(ies) to the property. It is best to talk to a solicitor to figure out how much money is available to be distributed. There are some cases where there is more than one person who is inheriting from the deceased person. This can be figured out by looking up the law and determining who receives what after the grant is awarded.


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