What are Employers Looking for?

Whether you are taking the plunge and finding a new job after a long time being in one role or getting back into work after raising children or an illness, hunting for a job, perfecting your CV and the interview process can be a daunting and stressful time. Of course, jobs differ, and you need to be qualified for the job you are going for, but aside from the qualifications side of it, here are a few things that employers will look for in potential employees…

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Adaptability – Being able to adapt is an important skill to have in todays fast paced environment. There aren’t many ‘jobs for life’ around anymore, and most employees need to be able to adapt to different situations to meet the needs of the company. This could be anything from covering other roles for someone who is off sick in the office or relocating for work. Although this may sound scary, there are plenty of ways to make this easier such as employee relocation company http://www.dtmoving.com/ . Of course, you don’t have to move away to work, but it may surprise you how much you like it!

Teamwork – Working as part of a team is crucial in almost every workplace. If you struggle to work in a team or to get on with others, chances are you aren’t going to get very far! Even positions where you will be working alone will almost certainly require you to report to others, be involved in group projects or collaborate with other employees. Being able to work as part of a team is a crucial skill.

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Dependability – Employers don’t want someone who looks great on paper but lets them down regularly. Everyone is ill from time to time, but employers will not look favourably on people who are constantly calling in sick for no real reason or are not getting into work on time. If the work schedule is flexible ensure that you don’t abuse it, and make sure that you give as much notice as possible when you request annual leave. If everyone behaves fairly, it should all run smoothly!

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