Four advantages of hosted phone systems

VoIP technology has been changing the nature of traditional telephone operations, and recent improvements and advances for cloud systems are seeing an evolution in the way businesses communicate. Here are four key advantages to hosted phone systems.

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They are cost-effective

A cloud-based telephone system negates the need for a dedicated server to host the system. There’s also no longer the need for complex line configurations and ongoing management compared to traditional systems, saving on time, effort and expense. VoIP calls are generally far cheaper than traditional phones running on the PSTN, especially when it comes to international calls. Call costs are easy to understand and many VoIP providers even offer free international calls. By paying one provider for voice and data, you can save money and hassle for more streamlined, reliable communications locally and across the world.

They’re easy to use

In 2017, research suggests a ongoing growth of VoIP users to over 3 million, and this looks set to continue. Their ease of use is one big draw to a cloud-based system.

Gone are the days for lengthy consultations and reliance on IT and communications departments to make changes to the phone system. With administrative panels provided by the host, amendments can be made quickly and easily, whether a number needs changing, an extension needs to be linked to an existing line, or a new phone needs to be added for a new employee.

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Providers will manage your security

It’s important to choose a quality wholesale VoIP termination provider, such as, who will ensure the system meets your needs. A reliable provider will also manage the security of the set-up to prevent potential hacking and to give you peace of mind that your phone system is safe.

They offer versatility for remote workers

Hosted systems allow employees to work remotely, accessing the office phone system with a simple log on to enable effective, cost-effective communication with colleagues, clients or customers. Either the original VoIP phone can be taken away or an extension can be used, with some providers offering a SoftPhone that can be integrated with the CRM and enables users to log in from any location. With such extensions, individual settings can be retained and the line can be programmed to ring in both locations, offering greater versatility and flexibility.

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