The moral, social and business obligations of running a pub

Running a pub is many people’s dream job, especially if they like socialising in a bar. But beware, those running a successful business can make it look easier than it is. Many people visualise pouring a few drinks and chatting to customers without realising all the work going on behind the scenes to make the pub run efficiently. There is much more to it than simply serving drinks to customers there is also a social responsibility that comes along with the job. Particualry in realtion to under age drinking and heay drinkers. Drinking can have a knock on impact on other industries such as the police and ambulance services as well as long lasting effects when the lower inhibitions that are experienced result in poorer decisions. This can in turn lead to unsafe sexual encounters and then the need for London Home STI kits from companies such as This is one of the reasons you will find some pub owners using space in their restrooms to advertise health companies such as these.

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You will need a range of skills to succeed. And don’t forget that everything needs to be scrupulously clean, staff have to be trained and the books need to be kept up-to-date.
Choosing the right beer
Once all of this is in place, the front-of-house action can begin. Admiral Taverns has some key tips on becoming a successful landlord or landlady which talks about creating the right atmosphere. And it points that since seven in 10 drinks served in UK pubs are beer, you need to get the right brew for your clientele. They may like real ales, bitters or traditional ales so you need to test the market before picking the brewery to supply you.
You will need an extensive range of drinks, including soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee to lure in customers in the morning or those who do not want alcoholic beverages.
Getting the right draught soft drinks supplier is also important as you will need to give customers plenty of choice. These can include colas, cordials, fruit juices and energy drinks. By buying on draught, you will save money instead of purchasing tins or bottles of drinks.
Live music is a major attraction
You may also want to show sports on the television or organise live music or pub quizzes. These are all great ideas to get customers through the door.
You will need to be sensitive to the age group which comes in most often. You don’t want to organise a rock band appealing to teenagers if most of your regulars are families or middle-aged.
However, live music is a popular attraction according to an article in The Drinks Business which says landlords are being encouraged to put on live music to boost trade.
The best thing is to check out the area and research the pub, your rivals and the customers before you go into business.

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